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  fliss spacer My name is Fliss McAllister and I am the proud owner of Leaders Pet Services, a business that was borne out of a desire to work for myself along with the need to nurture and care. My previous career within recruitment required strong customer service skills; as a result my clients enjoy a strong and lasting relationship based on trust.

My experience of caring for animals stretches back to childhood, having had my own dogs and various other small pets. In recent years circumstances were not conducive to owning my own; Leaders gives me the opportunity to lavish your animals with all the love and adoration I have to give.
I offer a range of professional and reliable pet care services within Lindley and surrounding areas including; dog walking, home visits (suitable for dogs, puppies, cats and other small animals), home security and pet taxi. Future home-boarding facilities are planned to offer a high level of accommodation for your pets. Details will be available upon their completion.

My services are not exclusive to dogs and cats and extend to caring for other small animals such as rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, mice and any other fluffy adorable animal you may own or more exotic pets to include fish, lizards or birds. All dog breeds are welcomed subject to a free detailed consultation.

With a love for all animals I am dedicated to providing a superior standard of service, ensuring that your pet receives the time, care, attention and exercise they deserve and require in your absence. I am also qualified in canine & feline first aid for your peace of mind. Please call to discuss your pet care needs.
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