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  Here at Leaders Pet Services we understand that a busy work/ life schedule can conflict with the demands of your cherished pets. From a 15 minute pet pit stop visit to daily dog walking, we offer a range of services tailored to suit your individual needs and those of your furry friends. Our service is here to make your life easier, minimising worry & stress without compromising their care and comfort.  
paw print Group/ Individual Dog Walks - various walk times available to suit the age, breed & energy levels of your dog.
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paw print Pet Home Visits/ Pet Sitting - Suitable for Dogs, puppies, cats and other small animals. This service includes being let out to toilet/ short walk, clean, change bedding, feed, change water, play & fuss. We charge by the amount of time required to meet your pet care needs, not by the amount of animals you have.
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paw print Home Security - We will always ensure your home is safe and secure prior to any service being undertaken. Going on holiday or away for a weekend? Home security checks can be booked to your specific requirements and in addition to pet sitting to include for example taking bins in/ out, opening/ shutting curtains, watering plants or simply doing something you forgot to do before leaving!
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paw print Pet Taxi - Unable to take your pet for vaccinations, check -ups or to be groomed due to other commitments or lack of transport? We will take them for you.
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paw print Doggy Day Care - Do you have a sociable pooch who doesn't like being left alone? This may be a good option for you. We will care for your pet in our home whilst you cannot be there, following any routines set by you. This service includes 1 x 60 minute walk or 2 x 30 minute walks to suit your pet + lots of attention and fussing! Extra walks are available for an additional charge if required.
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paw print Free Pet Consultation - This gives us a chance to meet your precious pets and to conduct a comprehensive consultation in order determine which service/s will be of benefit to you both. We will take the lead from you in maintaining your pets normal feed, walk, toilet, sleep and play routine.
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paw print Free Collection & Delivery – Your animals will be collected from and delivered to your home and will be transported in a safe and secure manner.
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  Your Pet is our Priority  
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